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It's confusing. It's hard to see which one is red and which one is purple. If I am player one on the left with red color, why am I controlling purple ghost?

The art style and music are top notch!

Gah, the art style is so cute, I love it.

It took me a long time to figure out which team I was supposed to be supporting; I guess the color of my cursor is the biggest clue? Other than that no real issues. This is a clever idea, well executed and fun to mess around with.

Thx for the feedback!

Unfortunately, Select doesn't seems to changes the selected special ability. I'm always stuck with the musicbox :S

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I'm not able to duplicate this issue in 1 vs. CPU using Mesen emu. What emulator or physical system are you playing on? And what mode 1 vs. CPU, 1 vs 1, or 2 vs 2?

Sorry, It's now working fine. I guess it was a problem with my system.